Ellie, Engineer - A story about a young Engineer

Ellie, Engineer by Jackson Pearce

On a recent trip to the bookstore, Mandi stumbled on a book called "Ellie, Engineer" by Jackson Pearce.  Our 8 year old daughter is named Eliana or "Ellie" for short.  A book about a girl engineer named Ellie?... that book was coming with us :)

Ellie Engineer is a great story about a crafty little engineer.  She creates and builds inventions in her workshop inside the playhouse in her back yard.  Ellie works with her friends and kids in the neighborhood to build a gift for her friend Kit.

Eliana has actually enjoyed reading this book aloud with her little sister Lily.  They both seem to love the characters and story.  It's great to see such encouraging and engaging content geared towards girls!